Digital Forensics Investigations 

Tower Forensics have specialists in Digital Forensics Investigations. Our extensive experience reveals that companies often seek independent expert analysis for their internal investigations. At Tower Forensics, we specialise in providing comprehensive investigations, addressing a broad spectrum of issues, including but not limited to: 
IP Theft Investigation: 
Protecting intellectual property requires proactive measures to identify and address instances of theft or unauthorised use. Our investigation services utilise sophisticated forensic analysis techniques to trace digital footprints and evidence trails. From examining email communications to analysing access logs and file metadata, we leave no digital stone unturned in our pursuit of justice. 
Document Analysis: 
In legal and investigative proceedings, document analysis is crucial for uncovering evidence and building a strong case. Our expert analysts delve deep into document metadata and content to extract critical insights. Whether it's contracts, emails, reports, or other documents, our meticulous analysis provides clarity in legal proceedings. 
Employee Misconduct Investigation: 
When addressing allegations of employee misconduct, thorough investigations are paramount. Our approach includes collecting digital evidence and analysing digital communications such as emails and chat logs. By scrutinising these digital footprints, we uncover patterns of behavior and gather crucial evidence to support your case, ensuring a comprehensive examination and resolution of workplace challenges. 
White Collar Crime Investigation: 
Uncovering financial improprieties and fraud demands a meticulous approach. Our white-collar crime investigation services combine forensic accounting expertise with advanced digital evidence analysis. By scrutinising financial records, transactional data, and digital communications, we identify irregularities and potential fraudulent activities, helping you implement preventative measures and mitigate future risks. 
Email Forensics: 
Gain insights into employee communications and potential evidence by analysing individual emails, email chains and email platforms. Our advanced email analysis techniques help uncover patterns, discrepancies, and crucial information relevant to investigations. 
Criminal Defence Investigations: 
Our digital forensics services provide comprehensive evidence acquisition and analysis for legal proceedings. We conduct in-depth examinations of digital data sources, including computers, mobile phones, emails, social media activity logs, Suspected IIoC, Internet History records and recovered deleted files. 
Our expert forensic findings serve as vital sources of evidence, leveraged to construct robust legal defense strategies. Our reports stand up to scrutiny, substantiating or refuting claims with empirical data integrity. 
Insider Threat Investigation: 
An insider threat investigation involves the forensic examination and analysis of digital evidence to identify and address potential threats or malicious activities originating from within an organisation. This type of investigation typically aims to uncover instances of data theft, intellectual property misuse, unauthorised system and data access, sabotage, or other harmful actions carried out by current or former employees, contractors, or trusted parties with legitimate access to the organisation's systems and data. 
Family Law Investigation: 
Navigating family legal matters requires clarity and compelling evidence. Our investigative support aims to gather crucial information, including financial records and communication logs. By leveraging our expertise in computer and mobile device analysis, email analysis, document analysis and social media investigations, we can provide those critical facts that are required. 
Data Recovery: 
In the face of data loss or compromise, swift and efficient recovery is essential to minimise disruptions and safeguard sensitive information. Our comprehensive data recovery services extend beyond retrieval to include advanced analysis of digital storage devices and systems. 
Why Choose Tower Forensics? 
Independence: We bring an unbiased and independent perspective to every investigation. 
Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a proven track record in diverse investigative domains. 
Confidentiality: Rest assured, your sensitive information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. 
Why not contact our Senior Forensic Consultant to discuss your business needs now and for the future. 
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