Computer Forensic Analysis 

At Tower Forensics, we provide specialised computer forensics solutions to support criminal defence lawyers, employment and HR legal professionals, and organisations. Our team of seasoned forensics experts leverages cutting-edge tools and methodologies to deliver comprehensive digital investigations tailored to your needs. 
For Criminal Defence: 
In criminal cases, digital evidence is often critical. Our forensics services uncover, analyse and interpret electronic data to strengthen your defence strategies. From cybercrimes and fraud to hacking incidents, we extract vital digital artifacts like deleted records, user activities, and digital trails. Our expertise pinpoints the truth in complex digital landscapes, giving you an evidentiary edge to build a robust case for your clients. 
For Employment & HR Matters: 
Electronic evidence plays a pivotal role in employment disputes involving misconduct, harassment, IP theft and more. Our forensics capabilities recover critical data sources like emails, documents and communications. We analyse computer systems for signs of wrongdoing, trace digital interactions, and unearth proof to substantiate or defend against allegations. Trust our forensics team to provide the digital intelligence for a compelling case. 
Our Service Offerings: 
Digital evidence identification, collection & preservation 
Deleted/corrupt data recovery 
Forensic analysis & interpretation of electronic evidence 
Expert witness testimony and litigation consulting 
What Sets Us Apart: 
Forensics experts with decades of experience 
Stringent chain of custody and evidence handling protocols 
Confidential, reliable and timely service 
Tailored solutions to meet your unique situation 
Turn to Tower Forensics as your trusted digital forensics partner. We deliver professional services and insights to strengthen your legal position or organisational security posture. Contact us to learn how our expertise can serve your needs. 
We offer a wide range of investigation strategies for both criminal and corporate investigations. 
Contact us to find out more. 
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