The breakdown of a marriage or the custody of children are always topics of extreme sensitivity. The processes families have to go through, whether that be a custody battle, or presenting evidence to support a legal battle, is tough, but you don’t need to fight it on your own. 
In the years of experience we have in dealing with family disputes we have become accustomed to the tactics used by all parties concerned, and that includes the local authority when it comes to children. 
At Tower Forensics we have the ability to review digital evidence presented to make sure it fairly reflects the case. We also offer support and guidance as to what evidence can and cannot be obtained and what is evidentially reliable and what could have been fabricated. 
There are many examples we have seen, such as fabricated social media messages and fake WhatsApp messages, used to portray events that never actually happened. 
We are also able to prove through cell site analysis that persons were or were not together at a relevant time assisting or disproving one parties account of events. 
Having worked for the local authority in such matters we are all too familiar with the lengths people will go to in order to secure a judgement. We are also acutely aware that sometimes, messages and communication are deleted by defendants, however, the existence of these messages can be confirmed from CDR analysis and/or device examination. 
Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, it’s a fundamental human right, so instruct an independent who can review the evidence so you can be sure that the data has been accurately presented. 
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