Cell site analysis is significant in criminal investigations. Here's why it matters:- 
Location Data: 
Cell site analysis provides crucial location data about a mobile device. By analysing the connections made by a device to different cell towers, investigators can track its movements and establish a timeline of where the device has been. This information can be invaluable in criminal investigations, such as tracking the movements of suspects or corroborating alibis. 
Evidence in Investigations: 
Cell site analysis can serve as valuable evidence in criminal investigations. It can help establish whether a suspect may have been present at the scene of a crime, track the movements of victims or witnesses, and identify potential accomplices or conspirators. 
Corroboration of accounts: 
In legal proceedings, cell site analysis can corroborate or refute witness’ account. For example, if a witness claims to have been at a certain location at a specific time, cell site analysis can confirm or contradict that claim based on the location data from their mobile device. 
Alibi Verification: 
Cell site analysis can be used to verify alibis provided by suspects or witnesses. If someone claims to have been in a particular location at a specific time, their mobile phone records can be analysed to confirm whether their device was indeed in that location at the given time. 
Investigative Leads: 
Cell site analysis can also generate investigative leads by identifying patterns of communication or connections between individuals. This can help investigators uncover networks of criminal activity or identify potential suspects in ongoing investigations. 
Missing Persons Cases: 
In cases involving missing persons, cell site analysis can help trace their last known whereabouts by analysing the location data from their call data records. This information can be crucial in search and rescue operations and determining the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. 
Overall, cell site analysis plays a vital role in modern investigations by providing valuable location data that can aid law enforcement agencies and legal professionals in establishing timelines, corroborating evidence, verifying alibis, and generating leads in criminal cases. 
Why choose Tower Forensics for your Cell Site Analysis: 
Our team is made up of ex police detectives who have served on Major Crime teams up and down the country. 
We have vast experience in criminal investigations completing cell site reports collectively for over 20 years. 
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