When analysts pursue Digital Forensic cases, the data they collect is the foundation for analysis and building a legal case. However, if that data isn't preserved correctly using established Digital Forensic standards, its integrity can be questions and potentially deemed as inadmissible evidence. Maintaining Forensically sound standards is absolutely critical. 
What is Forensically Sound Data? 
Forensically sound data refers to digital evidence that has been acquired, handled, and preserved using accepted Digital Forensic methodologies. This protects the data's integrity and authenticity so it can be verified as an accurate representation of the original evidence. 
The Key Principles of Forensically Sound: 
Maintain Evidential Integrity 
From collection to analysis, the data must remain completely unchanged and unaltered in any way. Even minor modifications can render it inadmissible. 
Follow Proper Chain of Custody 
Detailed documentation tracking data possession and handling procedures ensures nothing was tampered with and eliminates doubts about its origins. 
Use Forensic Tools 
Specialised software and write-blockers designed for forensics ensure data isn't modified during acquisition and analysis. 
Validate through Hashing 
Cryptographic hashing functions verify data remained unaltered by producing matching "fingerprints" before and after processing. 
Why Does This Matter? 
If forensics data isn't collected and handled using sound forensic methodologies, it fails to meet legal standards for admissibility. The slightest doubts about its authenticity or integrity can prevent it from being accepted as evidence. 
Similarly, modified or compromised data provides an inaccurate view that can send digital investigations down the wrong path. Ensuring forensic soundness protects data reliability for supporting findings and conclusions. 
In court, forensically sound data holds up under scrutiny and serves as credible, fact-based evidence that is much harder to successfully refute. Adhering to these strict forensic standards gives digital investigators confidence in their data and findings. 
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