If you suspect someone is illegally accessing your online accounts to monitor your activities and track your movements, you could be a victim of cyberstalking. This is a serious violation of privacy that can leave you feeling unsafe and distressed. 
Signs Someone May Be Monitoring Your Accounts: 
Unexpected password reset emails from accounts you didn't initiate 
Logins from unfamiliar devices or locations on account activity logs 
Personal details or private messages being shared without your consent 
Your online posts or messages being immediately known by the stalker 
Alerts about someone trying to access your accounts 
What To Do If You Suspect Account Monitoring: 
Change All Important Passwords Immediately 
Use strong, unique passwords for each account. Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible. 
Check Account Settings and Activity Logs 
Look for any unfamiliar logins, devices, recovery numbers/emails added. Remove anything suspicious. 
Revoke App Permissions and Sessions 
Sign out of all active sessions on each account and connected apps/devices you don't recognise. 
Set Up Privacy and Security Alerts 
Enable alerts for failed logins, password changes, new device logins, and other key account activity. 
Contact Service Providers for Assistance 
Report the unauthorised access to email, social media, and other major service providers and request help securing your accounts. 
Document Everything 
Save all evidence like screenshots of unauthorised activity, harassment messages, device details, etc. 
Report it to Authorities  
Contact your local law enforcement to report the incident. 
Use Monitoring Tools  
Software like antivirus programs and firewalls can detect malware that could be used for monitoring. 
Be Careful What You Share Online  
Limit posting personal details publicly that could aid the stalker in accessing accounts. 
Cyberstalking via account monitoring is a serious crime. If you are being targeted, act quickly to secure your accounts and collect evidence to build a case against the perpetrator. Your online privacy and personal safety should be the top priority. 
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